Polidec Luxury’s Precast Systems – PolyPan, PolyStone, PolyMarble, PolyWood and ornamental decorations can also be used in interior cladding. In this Project our other brand PolyFurniture also used. The design of the place was done by PolyDieb Architectural & Design Office. 

Classic is an elegant and chic style, which always makes a good impression. The classic design of the living room by Luxury PolyDieb is presented by mind-blowing furniture, decorated with hand carvings, curved facades, elegant forms and gilding; complex decoration of a multi-level ceiling with PolyPan, the central accent of which is an luxurious chandelier with pendants, as well as a PolyMarble walls adjacent with a chic handmade carpet. The furniture is represented by soft sofas and upholstered with natural fabrics; consoles, tables made of natural wood.

The classic interiors of this living room and kitchen project does not tolerate a chaotic arrangement of furniture and decorative elements. Symmetry is one of …


Having export to four continents our polyurethane products PolyPan, PolyMarble, PolyStone, PolyWood and decoration ornaments can be proudly used on landscaping and garden walls. Modern landscape design by PolyDieb Architecture and Design Office involves the ideas decoration of large land areas, yards and garden plots. It stands at the junction of crop production, architecture and construction. 

Ideas of landscape design by our talented and dedicated team of designers and decorators will allow you to create a convenient and beautiful land design for everyone. This is a practical gardening and ennoblement of the suburban backyard territory. The main task is to illustrate the harmony of beauty and functionality of the land. When developing a modern landscape design project we always take into account climatic factors, because some plants are simply impossible to grow in a short summer. However, the design of the land territory involves not only crop production, but also decorating the ter…


Polidec Luxury has been giving service in the consturaction sub-industry for more than thirty years. With our unique design and architecture Office PolyDieb, we are ready to give the best service with the combination of our polyurethane products. Our Polidec Polyurethane Precast Systems - PolyPan, PolyStone, PolyMarble, PolyWood, PolyFurniture and decorative ornaments can be used as interior and exterior cladding. With your and our imagination only sky is the limit. 

Today we bring to your attention a luxurious design of the exterior and facade of a country house in modern style. It was developed by talented masters of their craft from our architectural and design studio Polydieb Design. The design of this house is fully consistent with the highest international standards. We managed to create a uniquely beautiful architectural image that blends harmoniously with the surrounding landscape, and also emphasizes the high status and respectability of the owners, their character and tastes.…


PolyDieb Architecture & Design - one of the companies of our group. We give service to our customers with the aim of producing the fastest and most practical designs with architectural solutions. With the support of our team of expert architects and technical staff – we can prepare the most economic and effective products for your project. We also provide a road map and suggest various options with our professional team who have the knowledge of the Arabian culture and geography along with the clients’ needs and specifications. The services, we provide are not limited to outdoors and indoors but also includes landscaping. In our team we also have English and native Arabic speakers.
The exterior is the artistic or architectural appearance of the buildings design, providing a person with a favorable aesthetic perception. All the key features of the modern (art nouveau) style from PolyDieb Architecture & Design are subordinated to the solution of one task — creating a comfortable …


The space of traditional majlis is a meeting place, in which hospitality was put on first place. From ancient times of the heyday of the silk route it was the setting for meetings and business negotiations. Hundreds years ago typically majlis was a large space with carpets on the floor and cushions against the wall, with the fireplace, where it was possible to prepare coffee and treat guests. But times have changed…

Nowadays majlis is considered to be a separate room in the house, which should be the biggest and with the most wonderfully hospitable environment. It is still the traditional place, in which the house owners meet their guests and visitors, have long talks and share news with each other.
PolyDieb Design can create the most gorgeous interior design of majlis of any level of complexity and style — modern, classic, Arabic, Islamic, or any other of your choice. This majlis interior design Arabic has amazing classical touch, presented in luxurious PolyFurniture, adorable curtains…


In this unique project our products are Polidec Poliurethane Precast Sytems including PolyPan, PolyStone, PolyMarble, PolyWood and decorative ornament elements such as special production columns, column headers, windowsill and floor silks. Our products can be used both on interior and exterior clapping.  To build your dream home is no longer a dream. With our high quality products and advanced technology in production your imagination will become real. Having more than thirty years of experience in construction, our team will design and built your desired residential. With our polyurethane based systems and ornamentals your home will be cozy. 

You will surely never go wrong with such talent like this. Book your appointment now and let’s build your dream home! There are times when you can’t fight the temptation to see the advanced outside house plans and structures your journey by. From wood and attach to glass and hinders, various property holders have been working with different materi…